Native applications work smoothly on mobile devices. Their graphic transitions take less time for UI rendering compared to the cross-platforming. The reason is simple: their code can communicate straight to the mobile OS core, enabling UI methods.

In the meantime, the native mobile platforms (OS) are written in different languages. For instance, Android OS is a mix of Java, C and C++. In comparison, the iOS platform is built with Objective C and Swift. So, native mobile development requires the knowledge of a few languages like Swift and Java simultaneously. …

Choosing the best option for front-end development

React.js vs Angular. They are equally good at building web-based applications. Some of the world projects are built with React.js, others of the same size, with Angular.

Here at, a team of application developers, we are often asked the same question: “Why is it so important to create wireframes before building web app?”. Well, I am happy to answer this question without referring to complex arguments and special notions.

There is some analogy that we could draw from the real life: you never order interior designs until you have made the sketches for your house, right? Before you pick the right colors for the ceiling and walls, you have to consider the location, ease of movement and the flow of the rooms.

Such rule works for…

Companies developing a Web service are likely to face two big problems: losing potential customers and increasing their client acquisition cost (CAC). These outcomes occur because companies tend to think about the robustness, security and capacity of the Web service but very seldom focus on a user engagement strategy.

Most of our clients suffer from the same pain:

The developers think everything is clear for visitors to the product and the company assumes that the visitors will convert to paying customers. But about 50 percent don’t understand how to use the service and don’t convert.

Based on more than a…

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